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BTM/KSK FMA Heritage Network Global FMA Seminar Tour


BTM/KSK FMA Heritage Network Global FMA Seminar Tour
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Filipino Martial Arts and Physical Fitness
By: Lakan Guro Rene L. Castro
Global Executive Secretary of the World BaisTresManos/Kali's Silat Kun-Tao FMA Heritage Network
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To all concerned, kindly be informed that Grand Maestro Jon Bais, Founder & Global Excecutive Director of the World BaisTresManos/KalisSilatKun-Tao FMA Heritage Network, hereby officially appointed LakanDatu Frank Banaynal of Doha, Qatar to be the President of the Middle East BTM/KSK FMA Heritage Network effective October 20, 2012.
     All Pres. of the respective Middle East Countries and designated Directors will report to Lakan Datu Frank. All communications and interactions of all Mid-East BTM/KSK FMA Heritage      Network members will be handled accordingly with the Mid-East President's jurisdiction as needed and will be reported to the appropriate chain of command.
     Kindly communicate with LD Frank at this network website or at his personal email, not in facebook pls.
      On behalf on Grand Maestro Jon Bais and the WBTM/KSK FMA Heritage Network Board of Councils, our warmest gratitude to all & we greatly appreciate your constant sincere support and unconditional camaraderie.

WalangKatapusangPasasalamat sa Lahat!(Endless Thanks to All)
Brother in Arts,
Lakan Jun Paliangayan

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Filipino Martial Artists Display Their Skills
By Lanz Christian Bañes
Posted: 11/02/2009 01:00:13 AM PST

Times-Herald_nameGrandmaster John Bais demonstrates the hit points during Sunday’s Gathering of Warriors inside the Hogan High School gymnasium. (Chris Riley/Times-Herald) Hogan High School's Haluan Club continued its showcase of Filipino culture Sunday with a gathering of Filipino martial artists.Held in the gymnasium, the "Gathering of Warriors" brought together various grandmasters and practitioners of Filipino martial arts and combined live demonstrations with explanations of the sport and its history."It's starting to become a lost art, and we want to bring it back," said Hogan senior Joseph De Guzman, 17, president of the Haluan Club.The Haluan Club is the high school's Filipino culture club, and "haluan" means "mix."
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Topix_logo  Local News: Vallejo, CA.

Filipino heritage passed down through mastery of martial artsIt was supposed to remain a family secret, but Jon Bais had other ideas. "My objective ... is to share my knowledge, which I learned from my family, and be able to share Filipino heritage and promote camaraderie," the 56-year-old Bais said.
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