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Translation of Native Words from GM Jon Bais' Website

In the 1900's the Kalis Maestro (master) defined the meaning of the words used in their teaching of the stick fighting arts to help educate their students.

Grand Maestro Jon BaisDAYANG - Female practitioner

GURO/GURU - Teacher or instructor

KALIRADMAN - A practitioner applying the systematic art of Kalis (Arnis/Arnisador, Eskrima/Eskrimador) are experts in twirling, trusting, slashing and maneuvering opponents defensively using the bladed and non -bladed weapon called Olisi.

KALIRINONGAN - Knowledge in the principles of Kalis. It is well known that Datu Mangal, the father of Raja Lapu -Lapu is the credited warrior who is knowledgeable in the art of Kalis.

KALIKALIS - Groups of practitioners exercising the skill in Kalis in the method of dancing which is called Pagka-kalikalis in Luzon; Kuratsa in Visayan; Wara Wara in Mindanao and it is most well known as Moro Moro.

PAGKAL-KALI - Performing like Eagle fighting way of expression

KALISIN - Meaning to wipe out or eliminate

KALISAG - Kalasag is a shield used to armor or block a bladed weapon in combat. SAG is shorten for Sagang in Visayan; Sayok in some parts of Mindanao, and Salag in Luzon.

LAKAN - Male practitioner

LLYANS - Ancient (Filipino) Malays

MAESTRO - Master


MAHARLIKA - Royalties

MANO - Hand or to kiss the hand for blessing

MANO-MANO - One on one fighting without weapon

MANOS - Method of strikes by hand or with weapon

OLISI - Sticks from 18 to 36 inches long which are made of rattan, bahi or kamagong and used in battle and combat, etc.

PANGAMUT - is the proficiency in hand and foot fighting techniques called Kuntawan, Sikaran, Dumog, Baklid, Kalis-Silat and many more.

PANGAWAY - Fighting or method in fighting

PANANGGALANG - Any object used for self defense and is more popular with the Filipinos in the sticks fighting: Visayan called them Kaliradman and Eskrima; the Pangasinan, Kalironongan; the Ibanag, Pagkalikalis; the Ilocano-Didya; the Pampanga, Sinawali; the Muslims, Silat/Kuntaw; other part of Philippines, simply called them "Arnis" or (Arnis de Mano).

PUNONG GURO - Head teacher or head instructor

SANDATA - The Weapons used by the Filipinos which the Muslims in Mindanao continue to be fascinated with twirling their weapon called Barong, Pira and Kris; in Visayan, the Kalis and Kampilan; in Luzon the Tabak and Talibong. The Negritos settlers are popular in their expertise in Bangkaw, Pana and Binangon.

SAYAW - The dances that the Filipino incorporated the movements of the fighting art into a dance to hide the secret practice of their martial arts such as: Singkil, Tinikling, Sagayan, Nilatik, Sinulog along with other forms of Sayawan (fighting dance).

TRES - Three

TUHON - Ranking leader

SAPLIT - Circular snapping

TIRA PILON - Twisted strikes