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Who is Grand Maestro Jesus Jonathan Bais?
Grand Maestro Jesus Jonathan BaisGrand Maestro Jon Bais was born in Vito, Sagay, Negros, Occidental: May 22, 1954 and hails from the Visayan Island, home of many famous Kalis, Arnis, Eskrima fighters (stick) fighters. He is a sincere and devoted practitioner of the Filipino Martial Arts and comes from a long line of Filipino self defense experts. He is the eldest son of Maestro Alberto and Felomina and the grandson of the great maestro of Kalis and Eskrima. The Bais family originated from Bantayan Island of Cebu. He has two brothers; Jieter and Januario; sister Marlyn; and step-sisters from Agat, Agana Guam: Julia, Alberta and Mary.

Grand Maestro Jesus Jonathan BaisAt the age of 6-years Jon began to practice the family art with his father. He was not allowed to play until he finished his school homework and practiced Kalis-Silat with his best friend Miguel, son of Nong Picoy. Every Saturday the family would visit Jon's maternal Grandfather, Valentine De Las Verges, (the cousin of Grand Maestro Gonzalo Tidles Censida of Baklid Eskrima) in the mountain of Kalaklan, Olongapo City, where they owned a farm.

Jon was the center of attraction as he demonstrated and entertained his family with his ability in Kalis-Silat. He also learned Baklid on the insistence of his Grandfather who expertly oversaw his training so that Jon could integrate the Baklid art into his fighting knowledge. In 1963 Jon enroll in Maharlika Kuntaw, Kung-Fu and quit after a year time. Taking to heart his Father's advice to explore other fighting methods, he enhanced himself by learning other forms of martial arts.

In 1964, Jon joined the Karate back yard practices with 4th Degree Black belt, Romy Ragadio, who taught Okinawan Karate (Kyokushin-kai). Jon garnered his first trophy from the tournament competition in 1966 at Guagua, Pampanga. The group lost their back yard practice due to a change of property ownership.

By the end of 1967, Jon rejoined (KNP) Kuntaw Ng Pilipinas, Filipino Martial Arts, in Olongapo City under the professional instruction of Great Grand Master Carlito A. Lanada Sr., the founder and executive director of (IKF) International Federation. Jon was also taught by Chief Instructor, Master Benjamin Ortiz. During those years, Jon trained with the well-respected and widely known Great Masters; Steven K. Dowd and Bud Cothern who presently hold the rank of Master (Red and White Belt in Kuntaw).

In January 1970 Jon's father, Maestro Alberto Bais, passed away at the age of 44. Due to political issues he was assassinated, while sleeping, by his own student and trusted body-guard who lived with them for five years. (Secret of the Master Martial Art magazine, 1996). After his Father's death, Jon left for one year to join his Uncle Regino Bais Jr. who had expertise in knife fighting, called Baraw tirada y pang-ngagaw in Makati Metro, Manila. Jon practiced knife defense with his uncle to enhance his ability in closed combat fighting.

Grand Master Antonio (Tatang) Ilustrisimo
Antonio (Tatang) Ilustrisimo

He also participated in the weekend training drills in KALIS Olisistrisimo with Grand Master Antonio (Tatang) Ilustrisimo, in Luneta Manila. Jon was fascinated with the lesson of Tatang called "SAPLIT". Due to the distance and the schedule of training, Jon began taking classes with Grand Master Benjamin Lema, of the Lightning Scientific Arnis, in Paranaque, Metro Manila. Along with his interest in practicing the stick arts, Jon occasionally sparred with his cousin, Daniel Tuquib, Aikido and karate black belt to refine his skills and continued his dedication to practice the Kuntaw art. This was the time when Jon pushed himself very hard to learn more effective self defense techniques because of the incident that happened to his Father. He was thinking to hunt the assailant for revenge.

Maestro Jon and Grandmaster Ben L. Lema
Maestro Jon and Grandmaster Ben L. Lema

From 1971 to 1972 Jon participated in several tournaments including, the Filipino-American Karate Tournament" in Subic Naval Base and Clark Airbase; all style Invitational; and many local tournaments. Because of his achievements and skills in fighting, Jon received his black belt from Grandmaster Carlito Lanada Sr. He also garnered titles in stick fighting led by his uncle, Nong Picoy's group, the Visayan Eskrima located in the neighboring town of Olongapo City.


Grand Maestro Jon's Devotion to the FMA

Grand Maestro Jon Bais in Training
The Maestro Jon Bais and Dan Inosanto
Maestro Jon Bais and Maestro Dan Inosanto

1973 - Jon was among the Kuntaw Black Belt Team members who participated in Invitational, Regional, and National championships in both empty hand and stick fighting and garnered several championship titles.

1975 - Jon started teaching the Kuntaw and Kalis-Silat, in Santa Rita, Olongapo City. Among his students were his brothers, uncles and close friends. He studied teaching the principles of the art of Kuntaw at GM Lanada's Gym in Olongapo City. Jon met a US serviceman who demonstrated the art of Kali and said he had learned the art from Maestro Dan Insanto. Because Kali was not so well known to native Filipinos, Jon was greatly surprised that the moves were almost the same as his family system and the word Kalis existed among other martial arts. Jon had thought up to that point that the word Kali was a synonym of Kalis derived from Other Filipino Martial Art and his family system integrated in Panay. Jon was so excited to find out the relation of his family system to the Kali in the US under the Leadership of Maestro Dan Inosanto and other Kali Grandmasters that he wrote a letter to Maestro Dan Inosanto and GM Floro Villabrille for the purposes of clarification and to educate himself about Kali in the U.S.A.

Maestro Dan Inosanto is the key person promoting the popularity of the Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) in the USA and making it well-known in Europe in the 1970s. He was the close friend of the well-known Bruce Lee who opened the door of the concept of martial arts in the United States, while Maestro Dan Inosanto, opened the history book of Filipino heritages in Filipino Martial Arts internationally.

The Training of the Maestro's Sons

Elmer BaisElmer Bais Allen BaisAllen Bais
Elmer Allen

Maestro Jon Bais and Grandmaster Bert Labitan
Maestro Jon Bais and
Grandmaster Bert Labitan

Siete Pares/ Kun- Tao training of Jon Bais with GM Bert Labitan1976 - Jon joined the Eskrima group of Grand Master Bert Labitan, under the supervision of Maestro de Maestro Sosing Labor of the SIETE PARES-Disalon System. Jon and Guro Rafael Ridon became the assistant of the Grand Master Bert Labitan, teaching at Saint Joseph High School in Olongapo City and Saint James high School in Subic, Zambales for student youth sport program organized by GM Bert Labitan, a US Navy servicemen. Among their student were his brothers, Jieter and Januario Bais, and his Uncle, Juanito Marfa, also a Kuntaw practitioner. He also participated in (JEST) Jungle Expert Survival Training as Assistance Knife-Instructor along with the Filipino Marines Trainers and local natives Aetas who taught the US Marines station in Mau-Camp, Subic Bay.

Siete Pares/ Kun- Tao training of Jon Bais with GM Bert Labitan
Siete Pares/ Kun- Tao training of Jon Bais with GM Bert Labitan
Jon Bais performs Kuntaw with students
Jon Bais performs Kuntaw
with his students

1977 - Jon attended Eskrima lessons held at St. Joseph High School, Olongapo City. The purpose was to create unity of all Filipino Martial Arts in Subic Naval Base, Philippines with Grand Master Nerrie Babao and Grand Maestro Bert Labitan.

1978 - Jon was among the champions in the Invitational Tournament held in San Fernando, La-Union, Regional Championship in Mauban, Quezon, and also in Cagayan Valley.

1979 - Jon's participated in the (PKA) 6th National Karate Tournament, held in Naga City, Philippines. He won the individual championship title in Lightweight Division and was a member of the team that won 2nd Place. In the same year, he participated in the Palarong Pilipino held in Manila. Because of his outstanding achievements in competition, Jon qualified for the 1st World Karate Goodwill Match Tournament held in Baguio City and Manila, amongst PKA qualifiers and other Kuntaw representatives.

Maestro In Saudi Arabia
King Fahd Academy, King of Abdul-Aziz Naval Base, Jubail, Saudi Arabia

1981 - 1993 - Maestro Jon organized a KKS-FMA training among the community of King Abdul-Aziz, Naval Base in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. He founded the Kuntaw-Kali-Silat (KKS) Association (using "Kali" instead of "Kalis" due to the commercialized popularity of the word in the USA) and taught the art of his family and incorporated it with Kuntaw. The Association gained reputation and became well known in the International martial arts competition in both stick fighting and empty hand. Jon's dedicated students garnered most of the yearly championship titles.

Royal Saudi Naval Academy group

Maestro Jon was hired by the Royal Saudi Naval Academy to teach the commando cadet the art of Filipino Martial Art (FMA) and he was assisted by his students Jun Paliangayan and Rolly Descargar. In his 12 years of leadership in the Middle East, Maestro promoted 54 FMA black belts who then began to spread and teach the KKS-FMA in different regions and to different nationalities. Maestro's registered students numbering over 1,000 internationally included civilian and military students branching out in different regions of the Eastern provinces of Saudi Arabia, like Ras-Tanura, Aramco: headed by Maestro's ranking black belts, Maestro Rudy Lorejo Sr., Emil Miguel and Danny Cardinal in Aramco-Dhahran, Maestro Frank Banaynal, Juanito Aguilar and Oscar Yangco., Jubail Refinery; Carlito Flores and Richard Flores, King Abdul-Aziz: Mike Labatiao, Danilo Roque, Avelino Gatpo, Reggie Le-Petit, Ismael Harder, and Maestro's brother Jieter Bais, Andy Tomagos was the respected chairman of Maestro Jon Bais’s system promoting FMA in Saudi Arabia. Manuel Bruel was his coordinating officer.

KKS-FMA group

Jon Bais led the Full Contact Championship
Jon Bais led the Full Contact Championship

In 1987 Jon was the first Filipino to be featured on the front page of the "SAudi News" sports section. The write-up, titles, "The Blossoming of Kuntaw in the Kingdom" (Writer: James Enhalar, Dammam KSA) honored Jon as a leader in promoting the FMA in Saudi Arabia.

He made headlines in the Saudi Gazette, Sport plus, "John Bais Leads Jubail to EP Kuntaw Karate Championship" (Writer: Joe Avancena Saudi Gazette, December 1, 1987).

In 1987 he was also in the publication, "King Fahd's Naval Academy Manual" as the head instructor of the Royal Naval Saudi Forces and Commando Cadets, teaching Filipino Knife Fighting and Kuntaw, FMA.

Jon Bais being honored by a Royal Officer
Jon Bais being honored by a Royal Officer

In 1989 Maestro Jon received the Honor of Certification, recognizing his leadership to organize sport martial arts for Saudi and international community. This recognition was granted by the Commander of King Abdul Aziz Naval Base, Sport Committee. Maestro Jon Bais' achievements and leadership highlighted the popularity of Kuntaw and his family system thru the victory and triumph in every tournament that his students participated in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

Camp-2, Jubail, KSA
Maestro Jon's group in Camp-2, Jubail, KSA, with his designated instructors;
Ed Bugayong, Richard Flores, Carlito Flores & Frank Ayco-cho

He was appointed as Director of the International Kuntaw Federation, FMA for the entire Middle East in 1990 by the Executive Director of KNP-IKF, GM Carlito Lanada, Sr. As a result of Jon's outstanding leadership and dedication; he was then promoted to a 5th Degree Black belt in Kuntaw.

Philippines' Most Respected Grandmasters
Philippines' Most Respected Grandmasters and
Masters Maestro Jon Bais standing on the
right with GM Cacoy Canete

Grandmaster Hortencio Naveles - Maestro Jon Bais - Grandmaster Nene Tortal
Grandmaster Hortencio Navales
Maestro Jon Bais
Grandmaster Nene Tortal

During the 2nd WEKAF World Tournament, he met and was reunited with his previous mentors: Great Grand Maestro A. (Tatang) Ilustrisimo and Great Grand Maestro Ben L. Lema. Due to Maestro Jon's dedication and success of introducing the FMA, in the Middle East, Great Maestro Hortencio Navales recognized the Bais system as an official appellate member of Kalis-Silat of the Negros MFA, Federation.

Master Bob Green - Maestro Bais - Grandmaster Donease Canete
Master Bob Breen
Maestro Jon Bais associated with
Great Grandmaster D. Canete of the Doce Pares during the 2nd
World WEKAF event.











Barbia Beach traing group

Arabia Beach Demonstration
Maestro Demonstrating Disarming with
Guro Danilo Cardinal

October 2, 1991, GM J Bais trained his delegates in the sea water of Arabia in preparation for the preparation for competition in the 2nd WEKAF Word Championship & Congress (The Arabian Sun News).

January 22, 1992, Maestro received certificates and a personal note of admiration from Great Grand Master Dionisio Canete, Chairman of the WEKAF for his participation as Head Delegate of the Middle East Team for the 2nd WEKAF World Champion and Congress event. Jon was voted as the WEKAF Director for the entire Middle East until 1993.

May 29, 1992, Maestro was honored and awarded by the 2nd KFUPM International Martial Arts Tournament Directors, the "Best" in Martial Art Demonstration and Leadership" for promoting the FMA in Saudi Arabia.

Bais Tres Manos, Kalis-Silat, Saudi Arabia
Bais Tres Manos, Kalis-Silat, Saudi Arabia
under the guidance of "Maestro Oscar Boy Yangco"

Bais Tres Manos (Kalis-Silat-Kuntaw) Dammam,KSA
Bais Tres Manos (Kalis-Silat-Kuntaw) Dammam,KSA.
Guidance of Maestro Juanito Noy Aguilar.

Royal Saudi Naval Cadet Team
Royal Saudi Naval Cadet Team Led by Maestro Jon Bais
and Kyud Jun Paliangayan in 1992 Championship, KSA.

Jon Bais and his Brother Jieter Bais
Jon Bais and his Bro Jieter Bais

Grand Maestro Jonathan Bais Passes on His Legacy

In December 1992, Jon gathered his Kuntaw-Kalis-Silat members and assigned respective delegates in each City and town to continue his goal in promoting the FMA, in the Middle East. His brother Jieter Bais supervised one of the branches in Saudi Arabia; Jubail HQ was headed by Kyud Mike Labatiao; assisted by: Danilo Roque, Ed Bugayong, Regie Le Pitet and Avelino Gatpo. Al-Khobar/Aramco-Dhahran was headed by Frank Banaynal and Oscar Yangco, Dammam was headed by Juanito; Noy Aguilar, Aramco-Rastanura was headed by Rudy Lorejo Sr., Emil Miguel. South of Jubail, Ed Bugayong, Frank Ayco-cho, Richard Flores and Carlito Flores.

JUBAIL Group Head Quarters School (Jon Bais)
JUBAIL Group Head Quarters School (Jon Bais)

RAS - Tanura Group
RAS - Tanura Group under the Guidance of Rodolfo Lorejo

Maestro Jon's short memorable speech brought courage and inspiration to his ranking leaders and their members who continue spreading the principles of the MFA in the Middle East up to the present time.

Protector of Heritage & Mentor of Legacy

"I simply share with all of you the knowledge that I learned from my family and great mentors that I want you to continue teaching with honor and pride. If ever someday we will be remembered, it is because we humbly shared and value our heritage and legacy among other nations that, what they have learned from us is a skill and knowledge that cannot be taken away from them and for this will bring honor to our ancestors' and beloved land the Philippines."
Maestro Jonathan Bais, Kalis-Silat-Kuntaw - FMA, December 18, 1992

Jon Bais and his younger brother Januario
Jon Bais and his younger brother Januario

Maestro Jon Establishes Kalis-Silat-Kuntaw in the USA

February 5, 1993, Jon traveled to Germany and his intention was to meet his ex-student and plan a joint venture to open KKS-FMA. He stopped over in San Francisco, California to see his brother Januario Bais, who encouraged him to stay and begin a small business in martial arts, so his younger brother could continue to learn from him. In June of 1993, Maestro opened the KKS-FMA on Georgia Street, Vallejo, California. He started teaching his 40 students with Kalis-Silat and Kuntaw.

Bais Group in Vallejo, California, USA
Bais Group in Vallejo, California, USA

Maestro Jon also taught knife defense and street fighting techniques at Karate USA in San Francisco, owned by Tony Reyes a 7th Dan Black belt of Shorin Ryu Karate . Maestro was hired by one of his students, Marcus Cobillas, to be a special trainer for SPEC-3 (operations providing specialized services in the area of protection, security, and tactical self-defense).

Bais Group in Houston, Texas, USA
Bais Group in Houston, Texas, USA
under the guidance of Frank Banaynal

In May 1994 Maestro Jon Bais conducted a week long seminar in Houston, Texas to standardize the Bais System for his designated instructor Maestro Frank Banaynal and Guru Reggie Palma. Maestro Jon's students from California and Texas joined as a team to compete in the 3rd Southwest WEKAF Regional Championship held in Texas.

1995 Jon was appointed as Vice President of IKF and promoted to 6th Degree Red, White & Blue by GM Carlito Lanada Sr. In July he opened two schools in California: one school in Benicia with his associates, black belts, Mike and Nick Mendoza, and the other school in Vallejo, where he was assisted by his black belt, Manuel Favorito and his student and business partner, Alex France. Manuel Favorito and Alex B. France is among the dedicated FMA students of Maestro Jon, who helped in spreading the family art of Bais System and Kuntaw International in the United States since 1993.

In February 27th, 1994 Jon took an 11 member team to the Open AAU Karate/Kung Fu Championships where all members of his KKS team were victorious and garnered championships in each of their individual division (Treasure Island, featured in Vallejo Times Herald, March 14, 1994).

On June 10, 1994 Maestro received certificates of appreciation from UPAA- President; Lina Umali, University of the Philippines Alumni Association of Texas, USA and the Holy Family Church for conducting a community services class in self defense for the members of the Missouri City, Texas, Parish Church. He was also honored that year for his contribution of time and knowledge in teaching the youth of Houston, Texas the principle of FMA.

In 1994 Maestro Jon was proudly invited by GM Lanada for the anniversary of International Kuntaw Federation at Virginia Beach, Virginia where Maestro was greatly appreciated for his demonstration and seminar along with several Masters.

Continuing to be dedicated to teaching youth and serving his community, on April 17, 1995 Maestro was featured as a presenter at Hogan High School ,Vallejo at a conference celebrating Filipino-American heritage. (Times-Herald News of Vallejo, California) This was the same year the Philippine Martial Arts Academy was founded in Vallejo by GM Jon Bais and Alex France.

In January 1996 Maestro was featured in an article "Kuntaw Saves a Man's Life" in an issue of the Secret of the Masters, Martial Arts magazine. (Writer Terry Wilson, multi Emmy Awarding winning television producer)

In 1995 Maestro Jon Bais and Marc Cobillas conducted training, in Mc Cleland air Forces Base, U.S.A. and taught Special Forces the knife fighting techniques.

On April 1996, VIP guest Maestro Jon attended the International Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame at the Martial Arts Museum of America in San Diego, California, when GM Carlito Lanada, Sr. was being honored and inducted into the Grand Master Hall of Fame. GM Lanada received this ward in recognition of his efforts to preserve the ancient Filipino martial arts and to unite all martial arts though out the world. Surprised to be called by the master of ceremonies to demonstrate a knife defense exhibition. Three Black belts attached him. Maestro Jon defended himself from three unknown martial artists and displayed his expertise and skills. He received a standing obviation and admiration from the general spectators.

Ursula Hahn
Dayang Ursula Hahn

August 26, 1996, Maestro Jon's closed his MFA schools in Benicia and Vallejo and began working with Siemens Medical Solutions in Concord, California. He then initiated a group and began teaching part time as the self defense instructor for the Siemens' employees and conducted private lessons organized by his coordinating officer Ursula Hahn.

Master Tibon, Grandmaster Bandalan, Grandmaster Pallen, and Grand Maestro BaisIn the same year Maestro Jon joined with GM Max Pallen, (Senko Tiros) Master Darren Tibon (Cabales-Serada) and GM Alfredo Bandalan Sr. (Doce Pares) to organize the Northern California, ESKRIMA-KALIS-ARNIS FEDERATION.

In 1999 the KKS-Bais system participated in the WEKAF Western Regional World Championship held in Carson City, California. Among his fifteen participants was his son Allen, his brother Januario, Reggie Palma and Manuel Favorito.

Standing: Grand Maestro Bais
Grandmaster Bandalan
Grandmaster C.Canete
Grandmaster N. Babao
Grandmaster F. Visitacion
Grandmaster L. Giron
Kneeling: Grandmaster M. Inay
Grandmaster M. Pallen

Bais Group Winner of WEKAF 1999 Championship
GM Jon Bais son Allen Bais and his group winner of WEKAF 1999 Championship, Carson California USA

August 2005 - Maestro received the designation as successor of the Bais Tres Manos Family Art before the death of his Uncle Regino Bais Jr. By virtue of his uncle's and older Bais' blessing, Maestro Jon was proclaimed as the Grand Maestro and living mentor of the family system. He inherited the code of pledge to be the


GM Jon blended Bais Tres Manos title into his Kalis-Silat-Kuntaw organization to honor the Bais ancestors and to give credit and respect to his Grandfathers who started the family method of martial arts and to continue his pledge to Kuntaw which he earned from Supreme GM Carlito Lanada Sr. In the same year after receiving his Grand Maestro rank in Kalis-Silat, GM Jon Bais was also promoted by the International Kuntaw Federation Supreme Grand Master Carlito A. Lanada Sr., to higher master rank in Kuntaw as 7th Degree Red and White Belt.

KKS-FMA into Europe
Kalis -Silat Germany GM Jon Bais with Guro Walter Herz

KKS-FMA into EuropeIn February 2006 Maestro was assigned to Germany for Siemens. Because of his interest to spread and fulfill his promise made in 1993 to his friend to bring the art of KKS-FMA to Europe, he then began teaching the BAIS TRES MANOS and KUNTAW system, FMA to Veng Tsun Shaolin-gongfu group under the leadership of Sifu Walter Herz . The family art was shared with over 20 of Sifu Walter's students in Bamberg, Germany. After 18 months of training, the group became skillful in the arts. Confident that the family system would be maintained for future generations Maestro Jon Bais designated Guru Walter Herz as the certified mentor of the arts in Germany.

Grand Maestro Bais Group in 2007 WEKAF
Bais Group in 2007 WEKAF
Regional Championship, USA

GM Jon Bais returned to the US in September and re-established the teaching of his family system and Kuntaw in Vallejo and Napa, California. In November 2007 he volunteered to assist the WEKAF Regional Championship in Northern, California for the selection of US West Coast candidates for the 2008 World WEKAF championship to be held in Cebu, Philippines. Maestro began actively teaching law enforcement officers to enhance their ability in weapons disarming and hand-to-hand tactical techniques.

On November 7, 2007 GM Jon Bais' youngest son, Lucas Bais Hahn, was born. The Bais family expects that Lucas, with his brothers, Guro Elmer and Allen, will join the long family tradition of learning the Filipino martial arts at a young age and carry on the family legacy of the Bais Tres Manos martial art by sharing the knowledge and abilities passed down by their ancestors. Inspired by his youngest son, Lucas, GM Jon Bais redoubled his efforts to teach and spread the knowledge of the Bais Tres Manos system.

Grand Maestro Jon Bais
Grand Maestro Jon Bais

In 2007 Grand Maestro was selected and offered by SGM Carlito Lanada Sr. to be a candidate for the Hall of Fame Master 2008. He decided not to accept it for he believed he was not ready at the time. Due to Maestro Jon's efforts in spreading Kuntaw, he was promoted by SGM Carlito A. Lanada Sr. to the senior rank of 7th Degree Red, White Belt.

As of January, 2008, Jon has been teaching Law enforcement officers to enhance their self defense and security ability in dangerous situations in performance of their sworn duties.


Sama-Sama Seminar and Demonstration at Pallen's Martial Arts School
San Leandro, California - February 3, 2008

Sama-Sama Seminar 2008GM Jon Bais and his son Guro Elmer conducted a seminar at Pallen's Martial Arts School along with Punong Guro Steven Dowd (Arnis Balite and FMAdigest Publisher), GM Alfredo Bandalan, Sr. (Doce Pares), GM Jon Bais (Bais Tres Manos), GM Remy Presas, Jr. (Modern Arnis), GM Max Pallen (Senkotiros), Guro Elmer Bais ( Bais Tres Manos). Absent from the photo: Master Jordan Pallen (Senkotiros); GM Lito Concepcion (FMA); GM Robert Castro (Eskabo Daan).

Grand Maestro teaching at Sama-Sama
GM Jon and Guro Elmer Bais
Demonstrating Disarming
2008 Sama-Sama Seminar
2008 Sama-Sama Seminar

On the 16th of February the Bais Tres Manos participated in the Disneyland Martial Arts Festival in Anaheim, California. Grand Maestro joined with the Director of the USFMAF, Master Darren Tibon. At the encouragement of the Director, the Officers of the USFMAF and the Board Members, Grand Maestro accepted the International Liaison Officer position for the Federation.

Disneyland Martial Arts Festival in Anaheim, CA

Grand Maestro Bais with
Grandmaster Labitan

During this visit in San Diego, Grand Maestro Jon reunited with his mentor and teacher, GM Bert Labitan of the Siete Pares who invited him to receive his promotion as Master of Siete Pares system in April 2008.

As Maestro settled back in California he began to concentrate on rebuilding his FMA organization with his eldest son, Guro Elmer Bais, Lito Santos and long time Bais Tres Manos student from Saudi, Manuel Favorito from San Jose California along with Grand Maestro's associated organization officer, Brian Everett.

Northern Californian Bais Tres Manos Group
Northern Californian Bais Tres Manos Group
Northern Californian Bais Tres Manos Group

August 8, 2008

Great Maestro Sosing Labor Great Maestro Sosing Labor
Founder Siete Pares System

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USFMAF President Darrin Tibon and International USFMAF Liaison GM Jon Bais

USFMAF President Darrin Tibon and International USFMAF Liaison GM Jon Bais

Currently, Jon is the Technical Liaison Officer of the USFMAF, associated with Master Darren Tibon, as head of the original Angel Cabales System based in Stockton. The mission of the United States Filipino Martial Arts Federation is to promote, share and enrich Filipino martial culture an the communities for cultural exchange, education and the highest standards of amateur athletic competition.

With great success, the first knife-fighting, include kick and punches event of USFMAF was successfully held in Stockton on April 2008 with the careful guidance of Grand Maestro Jon Bais and USFMAF officers. In the near future the USFMAF hopes to hold an international competition, where skilled martial artists from around the world can compete against each other in both non-bladed weapons combined with the empty hand competition, in spirit of camaraderie.

Masters Hall of Fame

Martial Arts Grandmaster Hall of Fame
Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA.
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