The FMA Principle & Philosophy of
Grand Maestro Jon Bais

August 8, 2008

Giving Tribute and Respect to My Great Teacher

Siete Pares EskrimaMaestro de Maestro Sosing Labor, Founder of the famous  Siete Pares Eskrima, System from Panay, mentor of GM Bert Labitan and GM Maestro Jon Bais passed away on 29th June, 2008 at the age of 84 (1924-2008). GGM Sosing Labor had incorporated the “Disalon” and “Siete Pares” in his system and style of martial arts.

   We honor his memory and are proud to be part of his FMA legacies. Supreme Grand Maestro Bert Labitan, who is based in Imperial Beach, San Diego, California, U.S.A. has been named as the Official Successor of the system with GM Jon Bais, as its highest ranking member.


   In deep sorrow and sadness, I hereby pay my respect and dedication to my Great Mentor and publicly convey the following words as a tribute to the giant legacy he left behind:

To you my Great Mentor,

   Your new journey has just begun. We like to think that you have departed to the Kingdom of no challenge, the place where there are no days of sorrow and pains. Your new place will be full-warmth with joy and peace, in the hand of Almighty GOD.
   Your presence is no longer here, to guide us, but we will always remember your mentoring triumphs that made us who we are now. You will be our spiritual guiding shield and light to all challenges that we may encounter, because you were an instrumental part of our strengths and skills. Your memory will remain forever as you were one amongst those who made us proud of our knowledge of the ancient Filipino Martial Arts. We will be thinking of you, alive in our heart, as you touched us with your wisdom. Your name and leadership will be remembered from generation to generation as a giant legend of the SIETE PARES, FMA.

With Our prayers that your soul be blessed in Heaven.
Your Humble Student,
GM Jonathan Bais
Bais Tres Manos/Siete Pares