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Events - Bais Tres Manos Students Participated

Long Beach, CA Internationals 2008
“The Fighter Inspiration
Daughter Angelica Bais”
Allen C. Bais

Allen C. Bais dominated the stick fighting tournament held in Long Beach, California on August 1st to 3rd of 2008. The exciting International competition was patronized by thousand of participants and spectators. The highlights events on the side of the Filipino Martial Arts are managed by the outstanding President of USFMAF Maestro Darrin Tibon and Vice President, Maestro Alex France.

Allen C. Bais, second son of GM Jon Bais, swiped victory of winning championship in three different categories. (Full contact double Stick, Single Rapid continuous, and padded point system). Other participants and general spectators admired his simple but deliberate techniques that they said; almost mirror copy from his brother Guro Elmer C. Bais. The conclusion of Southern Californian’s players that familiar with the Bais system stated that: the sting of thee father GM Jon Bais also runs to his son’s blood.

Long Beach, CA Internationals 2008
Master Alex France, Isaiah Fabella,
GM Jon Bais & Allen Bais

The lightning moves of Isaiah F. Fabella made him the top champion in level of 10-12 years old. This is the second winning of Isaiah, after being champion on the last tournament held in Delta College, Stockton California on April 20, 2008, for qualifier in Disney International Martial Arts Festival events to be held in Florida, USA on October 2008. The training of Isaiah with the Bais Tres Manos, started only in April 2008, but his motivation and improvement is remarkably excellent, as he is trained by Guro Elmer and GM Jon Bais.

Isaiah is looking forward for the next tournament as his field of practice for preparation to the International competition in Disneyland Florida on October 2008, to be managed by the USFMAF.

Annual Vallejo Goodwill Tournament - Vallejo, CA.
Bais Tres Manos Team Winner of ESKCOA Annual Goodwill Tournament

The First ESKCOA Annual Vallejo Goodwill Tournament, Vallejo, Ca. USA, on June 7, 2008. The Bais Tres Manos and several FMA participated the events.

Bais Team Winner of the Events:
Guro Elmer C. Bais, Second runner-up in Middle Weight.
Brian Everett, Second runner-up in Heavy Weight.
Lloyd Vance, Champion in Heavy Middle Weight and Runner up in the Grand Championship after defeating Grand Master Asuncion in the Grand Champion events.

April 20, 2008- USFMAF Qualifier Tournament, Delta College, Stockton Ca. USA
The Sportsmanship of the Bais Tres Manos Group ends up into winning Victory.

  • Elmer C. Bais- Champion in live stick fight, 1st runner-up in padded and, 1st runner up in Knife fighting.
  • Manuel Favorito- 1st runner up in live stick fighting, 2nd runner-up in padded stick fighting.
  • Brian Everett-champion in padded stick heavy weight, 1st runner up in knife fighting
  • Isaiah F. Fabella-Champion in padded stick kid division.
Elmer C. Bais
Elmer C. Bais
Manuel Favorito
Manuel Favorito
Brian Everett
Brian Everett
Isaiah F. Fabella
Isaiah F. Fabella


Disneyland Anaheim, CA. - 2007

Manuel Favorito and Guro Elmer C. Bais
Champions in Disneyland Anaheim, CA. - 2007

On February 15-16, 2007, Elmer C Bais and Manuel Favorito of the Bais Tres Manos, Kalis-Silat was Champion in their respective division in the Martial Art Festival held in Anaheim, Disneyland, Ca. USA. The exciting events were participated by number of players from different styles that bring highlight of the tournament.

November 27, 2007: Northern California, USA, WEKAF Regional Championship, for the selection of US West Coast candidates for the 2008 World WEKAF Championship to be held in Cebu, Philippines.

The Winning members of the Bais Tres Manos:

Manolito Santos
Manolito Santos
Champion Mid.Wt.
Herbert Evans
Herbert Evans
2nd Place Light Wt.
Manuel Favorito
Manuel Favorito
2nd Place Mid. Wt.