The FMA Principle & Philosophy of
Grand Maestro Jon Bais
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Bais Tres Manos


September 1, 2008
GM Jon Bais,Bais Tres Manos website is an excellent FMA educational tool and a great promotion of the Filipino martial arts culture.Way back in the early 1980's, I was one of GM Jon's student. After numerous years of diligent study and practice of Kalis-Silat-Kuntaw(KSK) under the guidance and leadership of GM Jon Bais, I became his assistant instructor at the King Fahd Naval Academy in the Middle East. We developed outstanding Navy cadets martial arts practitioners in the Persian Gulf countries. GM Jon's skills and knowledge in (KSK) were exceptional. I'm honored and grateful being one of his students
Sifu/Guro Jun Paliangayan,
RN Baltimore, MD, USA


August 22, 2008
Maayong adlaw ug kahinsug sa inyong tanan. We feel so proud of the
efforts that you and all other FMAs have made to keep the art alive. Being a
filipino born, it became a duty to help promote FMA to the world and make it
known that Philippines is special in more ways than one. We are from the East
Coast and we really feel good knowing your group is actively propagating our art
to the youngsters who are the actual hiers. Our skills, knowledge and culture
are all we can pass on to them. We are really thankful for the dedication that
you have shown us all.Mano po.
Wesley Crisostomo
DC and MD, USA


August 17, 2008
I was part of a Reserve Police Officer class at the Martinez Adult
School on 05/10/2008. Our defensive tactics instructor (Brian Everett) was a
student of Maestro and arranged for a demonstration from Maestro and his son.It
was an amazing display of Martial Arts skill from both men and I/We were very
impressed and humbled. This is definitely a skill valuable to law enforcement as
well as responsible citizens. Thank you for your valuable time and take care!

Dwayne A. Brighouse
Police Officer Class
Martinez, CA, USA


August 16, 2008
It's nice to see that you are now making sure that people
understand the history of Filipino martial arts. Most people don't realize
it but knowing the history is just about as important as knowing the physics of
the art. You did a very nice job

Shelsea Evans
San Francisco Ca., USA

August 5, 2008
Grandmaster Jonathon M. Bais, The Pride of Our Family and the Protector

The devotion of my beloved brother GM Jonathan “JON” Bais, in Filipino Martial Art: A proud sister I am, and I praise GOD for all your achievements and future goals that gives pride to our family and our beloved country ( Philippines ) as well. Your dedication, self discipline in FMA and love to our Almighty Creator is very rewarding. I know this is just part of your journey, keep up the good work. We shall help you to spread the great Philosophy of the BAIS TRES MANOS that you have been protecting. We will make certain that my kids and younger members of our family will build their Courage and abilities from the Kalis-Silat Martial Arts as a prominent heritage with PRIDE as you are promoting. GOD will be your guidance for the glory of your achievements. We love you and Miss you.
Your sister in the Philippines,
Marlyn Bais Dolores


July 29, 2008
Hello there, Kyud John!Thanks a lot for sending me the new website of the "Bais Tres Manos System". The history write-up was very well-researched, authoritative and presented in a very clear, comprehensive manner.Looking thru those pictures bring back so much treasured memories of dedicated, hard training days under your guidance and tutelage when we were still in Saudi Arabia, twenty three years ago. Although we, your old students, are now scattered in different parts of the world, the spirit of martial arts discipline, bonding, brotherhood and camaraderie remain with us, wherever we are, wherever we go. Thank you for sharing and passing on to us your family-kept secrets of highly effective self-defense techniques. Personally, I felt so honored having trained under you for seven unbroken years and will forever be grateful for being one of those you deemed worthy to learn and be taught the principles and philosopy of your family's fighting arts and system
Frank M. Banaynal